Nestled in the charming village of Otford just 10 minutes from Sevenoaks, Brides Dress Revisited is your go-to spot for fabulous pre-loved designer wedding dresses in Kent. With a stunning collecton of over 150 wedding dresses sourced from across the UK, our charming boutique offers a dreamy setting to find your perfect gown in style and luxury.


Are you the eco-warrior bride or the savvy spender planning your dream wedding?

We think shopping for a second-hand wedding dress should be just as magical as buying new – or even more!

Sarah Wood
SARAH WOOD • Founder of Brides Dress Revisited


Our small team are absolutely dedicated to helping you, we also have a multitude of experience to help you make that right choice and look perfect on the big day.

Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood

Back in 2008, as my wedding day grew closer, the hunt for my dream gown began!

Amidst an economic downturn and a growing trend in sustainable fashion, the light bulb moment struck – what do brides really want? Fast forward six months, Brides Dress Revisited was born! A haven for second-hand designer wedding dresses, catering to eco-conscious and budget-savvy brides.

From day one, the mission was clear – offering a luxury yet laid-back vibe for brides-to-be. No stiff upper lips here, just good vibes and giggles! That heart-warming feeling when a jittery bride struts out feeling like a million bucks in her gown – it’s pure magic and totally addictive!

So, dive into our collection of stunning wedding dresses and who knows, maybe we’ll be sharing laughs in our boutique soon.

Love Sarah x